Caviar Anti Aging - Multiplying Volume Trio

Caviar Anti Aging - Multiplying Volume Trio

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A full-size pack of goodies for hair that needs a volume boost.

If you’d like your hair to raise its game, try the ALTERNA HAIR Volume Trio. This three-pack contains a full-size shampoo, conditioner and styling mist, all tailored to fine hair that could use some extra body. Suitable for coloured hair, and all textures from straight to coily. Too good.

Volume Trio contains:

  • ALTERNA HAIR Multiplying Volume Shampoo 250ml

A plumping, fortifying shampoo to gently cleanse fine or thin hair. Sulphate free.

  • ALTERNA HAIR Multiplying Volume Conditioner 250ml

A thickening, moisturising conditioner for fine hair. Adds body and fullness.

  • ALTERNA HAIR Multiplying Volume Styling Mist 147ml

A light styling mist with flexible hold. Adds shine and strengthens hair.