Gone are the days where people were happy spending hours styling their hair ‘just right’, it’s time to celebrate the locks that you’ve got and embrace those free-spirited bohemian vibes with OSIS+ BOHO REBEL!

What is it?

Designed to seamlessly blend into a variety of hair colours, the pigmented dry shampoo range paves the way for a totally fresh approach to styling with more volume and lasting rebel texture! 

What can you do with it?

Ideal for longer hair and girls on the go; OSiS+ BOHO REBEL invisibly refreshes and adds pigmented texture to hair creating beautifully natural-looking results.  

What is the big deal?

With OSiS+ BOHO REBEL we not only say goodbye to greasy hair, but also to the traditional drawbacks of dry shampoo! The unique, directly-coloured rice starch marks this product range as the first of its kind; allowing blondes, brunettes and dark hair shades to enjoy invisible styling – without overburdening and without any white residue.

Give me the facts!

OSiS+ BOHO REBEL Pigmented Dry Shampoo is available in blonde, brunette and dark shades:

  • Provides root refreshment and lift 
  • Gives dry texture and grip 
  • Invisible styling with natural results
  • For normal to oily roots
  • Wash and style hair less frequently
  • Dry or damp hair application
  • No white residue
  • Light control
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