De Lorenzo Ultimate Handcare Pack

De Lorenzo Ultimate Handcare Pack

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De Lorenzo Hand Care Products have been crafted to nurture and soothe your skin whilst keeping your hands hygienic and free from unwanted germs.

The Novaclean Hand Cleanser, nourishing Hand Wash and Hand Moisturiser work in synergy with each other for the ultimate hand care and treatment.

Anti-bacterial Hand Cleanser with Lemon Tea Tree Oil gel, provides a cleansing action without the need for rinsing, making it ideal for use between hand washing.

The gentle cleansing action of Anti-bacterial Hand Wash removes unwanted germs whilst moisturising and helping to protect, restore and nourish the skin barrier.

Hand Crème is a luxurious non-greasy moisturiser that glides easily onto the skin to create a moisture barrier for protection against dryness. The Hand Crème penetrates and absorbs quickly, restoring the skin’s elasticity and leaving a silky after feel.

Anti bacterial hand cleanser 250mL

Anti bacterial hand wash 250mL

Hand Crème 100mL